Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield is the largest American war of the 20th Century without a memorial. More than a half million American servicemen and women took part. Their stunning triumph is an example of America doing it right. We should honor those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who fought to liberate a nation from tyranny and stop aggression. Their skill, professionalism and courage inspired America and brought back a sense of honor and prestige to our military that continues to this day. The National Desert Storm War Memorial will be a tribute to those who served, those who stood behind them and – most importantly – the 292 U.S. servicemen who gave the ultimate sacrifice.


25 years ago more than 600,000 American military members hastily deployed to the Middle East in order to liberate the nation of Kuwait from Iraqi occupation. Nearly 300 did not return home to their families. We'll never forget the sacrifices made, and have taken it as our mission to ensure that the American people do not easily forget as well. Please join us to make this happen


The War

In August 1990, Saddam Hussein launched an invasion of Kuwait. America responded with Operation Desert Shield, launched to deter aggression and defend key U.S. allies.desert_storm_05

After months of diplomatic efforts seeking a peaceful solution failed, the U.S. and its allies launched Operation Desert Storm. With a furious air bombardment that isolated Iraqi troops and a stunningly-successful “left hook” attack that caught the Iraqi army off guard and routed it, the operation succeeded far beyond anyone’s expectations.

America had braced itself for a new Vietnam, but instead the Iraqi army was defeated after a month of bombing and a 100-hour ground campaign. Generals like Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf became instant heroes. America embraced the military with an enthusiasm not seen since World War II.

The Memorial

The last year has seen dramatic success for the National Desert Storm War Memorial Association. Legislation passed Congress on a vote of 370-0 to authorize the memorial and was signed into law on Dec. 19. We have initiated the site selection process with the National Park Service. Working together, we will identify and secure the most suitable and appropriate location for our memorial.

This summer, my fellow board members and I – as well as an army of volunteers – have been hard at work traveling the country and sharing our story and our mission. We have presented in over 20 states so far!

But we have a long way to go. In order to keep this process flowing, we have a critical and immediate need to raise funds to pay for the engineering and environmental assessment phase. In order to get to the next level, it is imperative that we have a site identified and selected.

As we rapidly approach the 25th Anniversary of Operation Desert Shield & Storm this fall, I would ask that you all take a moment to reflect and remember the nearly 300 Americans and 100 Allied servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. They, and the hundreds of thousands of men and women who answered the call 25 years ago, deserve the recognition that the National Desert Storm War Memorial will give them.
Scott C. Stump
CEO, President & National Board of Directors

  • "I applaud and support the efforts to create a lasting memorial to honor those 600,000 Americans who served in Operation Desert Storm, as well as remember the almost 300 who didn’t return home. This will ensure that Desert Storm is not just a footnote in our nation’s history, but rather has the place of prominence and respect which it rightfully deserves.”

    - James Baker, Secretary of State, 1989-1992 -
  • Our goal is not the conquest of Iraq. It is the liberation of Kuwait. It is my hope that somehow the Iraqi people can, even now, convince their dictator that he must lay down his arms, leave Kuwait, and let Iraq itself rejoin the family of peace-loving nations.

    - President George Bush, January 16, 1991 -
  • For as long as Americans honor their history, these 100 hours of Operation Desert Storm will be remembered as one of the most powerful applications of military might and one of the most flawlessly executed campaigns in the annals of warfare

    - General Carl E. Vuono, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army -

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