CALL TO ACTION: Initial Fundraising Request – 25th Anniversary Remembrance Drive!

All, as discussed in other posts, we are lighting off our initial fundraising activities and are currently targeting $300,000.00 over the months of July and August. While our current estimated budget is $40M, we have the immediate need to raise the first $300,000.00 to support our Design/site selection (vital!) efforts, as-well-as our awareness/PR and other Fundraising activities. The site selection aspect is our most important detail we are working to support as the selection of the site allows us to firm up the costs estimates and also identifies the memorial’s permeant location!

In support of our mission and vital need for funding, I am asking that everyone please strongly consider a donation of $25.00 dollars in support of our memorial effort and in remembrance of the 25th Anniversary of the National Desert Storm War remembering the mission (Liberation of Kuwait), those that paid the ultimate price, those family and friends that supported all of us coalition troops!

Never to forget!

Please consider a donation to our cause, the time is now that we need YOU involved in our mission!
With Humblest Appreciation and Respect,

Bob Adams,

(618) 420-0120

Tell us your story! Email it to

Are you a Desert Shield/Desert Storm veteran and have a specific story or experience (needs to be true, no ‘sea stories’ here shipmates!) that you would like to share?

Are you the spouse/child of a Desert Shield/Desert Shield veteran and you have a specific story or experience that you would like to share?

Are you someone that was directly impacted by the Iraqi invasion and subsequent Desert Shield/Desert Storm execution and success, please – you most of all, we would like to share in your experiences.

We will take a selected few each week and place out on our website as a another way to remember the 25th anniversary.

Please submit your story to and if selected one of our PR committee will contact you.

Tell your story

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100% of the proceeds go directly to the building of the National Desert Storm Veterans War Memorial in Washington D.C.

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CEO’s End of Year Letter

Fellow Desert Storm Veterans, Families, & Supporters,

2014 has been a VERY trying, yet successful year for the NDSVWM effort and all interested parties!

We have at last succeeded in getting both of our bills passed (HR503/S.995) in both the House of Representatives and the Senate on Friday evening December 12th. Being signed into law by the President is the ONLY remaining step left in this long and challenging legislative process which has lasted over three years. A very special thank you to everyone who supported our efforts through your phone calls, donations, emails, and supportive comments on our Face Book Page. I would especially like to take this opportunity to thank the NDSWM Board of Directors for their dedication, perseverance, and hard work over these past 2 1/2 years. I would also like to thank Randy Schumacher and CSO Architects for all of their tireless efforts, dedication and belief in our project. Of course, this whole effort would never have even been started if not for Congressman Phil Roe (TN-01) and Senators John Boozman (AR) and Joe Donnelly (IN) who introduced the legislation. Thanks also to all of our Congressional Co-Sponsors who helped us gain the much needed momentum to move through Congress. Last but not least, thanks to AMVETS, the American Legion, the VFW, and VII Corps, for their support and belief in our cause! We couldn’t have done it without all of you pulling together and making it happen!! THANK YOU!!

Due to the recent passage of S.995 we are embarking on the next phase of this momentous and historic undertaking. We are currently putting in place the infrastructure needed to efficiently and effectively start and complete our efforts to build the memorial. The first issue I need to bring to your attention is the fundraising efforts of our organization. Unfortunately we are just starting our fundraising campaign in earnest. This is due to the fact that we had to have the bills passed first to assure everyone that this memorial was really going to happen. We need your HELP now more than ever! I would like to earnestly ask you all to PLEASE consider making a tax-deductible donation to our 501C3 before the end of 2014. We have an URGENT and IMMEDIATE need for these funds so that we can get up and running ASAP. These funds would help directly with the design process, site selection, along with all of the other expenses(Too numerous to list) involved with building the memorial. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by December 31st so that we can hit the ground running on January 1st 2015. All donations can be made online through our website: or may be mailed to NDSWM  P.O. Box 6488 Springdale, AR 72766. Thank You all in advance for your help   and your support!!!

I want to wish you and your families an enjoyable holiday season and a happy and healthy 2015!! I look forward to the journey ahead and making the National Desert Storm Veterans War Memorial something we can all be proud of for generations to come!


Scott Stump, CEO/President and on behalf of the NDSVWM Board.

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Legislation Passes Congress!

The US Senate joins the House of Representatives in passing the legislation authorizing a National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Veteran’s Memorial in Washington D.C. After more than two years of effort we have cleared the two major legislative hurdles, having our legislation passed by both the House and Senate. The language authorizing the Memorial was included in the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Next the Bill goes to President Obama for signature.  We are optimistic that this will happen by the end of the year.  This legislation only authorizes us to work with the National Park Service to select a site, and allows us to erect the memorial on the selected site.  All costs must be paid for by our fund raising activities!  So our attention will now be focused on that next critical task.

Rendering montage for the National Desert Storm War Memorial

National Memorial Montage


We would like to extend a very hearty Thank You to our own Scott Stump who has been championing our cause for more than two years now.  We also want to express our gratitude to Representative Dr. Phil Roe, Senator Joe Donnelly and Senator John Boozman for sponsoring our legislation in Congress.

Press Release by Senator Boozeman’s Office

End of Summer Update

Through your support we have made great progress these past few months. The House of Representatives passed our legislation (HR 503) unanimously. With the help of dozens of supporters calling their Senators, we have broad support within the Senate. We are hopeful that all of this work will be fruitful, and that the Senate will pass S995 when they reconvene this session. Once the legislation is passed the real work begins. We will begin earnest efforts to raise the donations needed to build the Memorial. Thank you for your continued support!

House of Representatives Unanimously Passes H.R. 503

Rendering montage for the National Desert Storm War Memorial

National Memorial Montage

On Wednesday, the U.S. House unanimously passed a bill that would create a national monument honoring around half a million Americans who served in operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

Despite code names dramatic enough to inspire a video game, the first Gulf War is a relatively obscure conflict. Most people – if they think of it at all – remember Desert Storm as a brief, 100-hour struggle.

But from 1990 to 1991, the war claimed the lives of almost 400 Americans. Nearly 150 soldiers were killed in action fighting to protect Kuwait from an Iraqi invasion led by then-president Saddam Hussein (and another 235 died from accidents or friendly fire).

Now, Gulf War veterans are concerned that the conflict has been overshadowed by the more recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“People forget what a big deal it was,” Desert Storm veteran Lance Cpl. Scott Stump told ABC News. “[Kuwait] was tormented, pillaged … We liberated the country, and that’s a big deal.”

Stump, who’s now leading the charge for a national memorial, said that the idea struck him when he visited the George H.W. Bush library on the 20th anniversary of the invasion in 2011.

“It dawned on me that there is no national remembrance,” he said, noting that a memorial would give veterans and their families “closure.”

So Stump called Congressman Phil Roe, R-Tennessee, a member of the House’s Veteran Affairs committee, who eventually introduced H.R. 503, the National Desert Storm and Desert Shield War Memorial Act.

Passed by the House today, the bill authorizes Congress to set aside federal land in DC for the memorial. According to the National Desert Storm Memorial Association website, proposed locations include the National Mall (site of the WWII, Vietnam, and Korean War Memorials) and a field near Arlington National Cemetery.

The bill does not allocate any federal funds towards the monument’s construction. In fact, it expresslyprohibits the use of federal funds. (A similar bill under consideration in the Senate does too.)

Like many other war memorials, the National Desert Storm and Desert Shield War Memorial will be funded by private donations. According to Stump, the structure will probably cost around $15 million, but that’s only an estimate, as costs vary depending on the site.

Though the memorial hasn’t yet been approved, designs are already underway.

Built primarily of khaki-colored limestone, the memorial would curve north and east, recalling both the sand dunes of the Kuwaiti desert and the “left hook” maneuver that cut off Iraqi retreat from Kuwait.

Nestled in the tightest part of the curve, a bronze statue of five U.S. soldiers in gas masks would stand at shoulder height — an effort to make the space more intimate, designers said.

The names of the 382 American casualties would be etched on the walls, and carvings depicting the events leading up to the conflict would line the pathway.

“Who could be against something that commemorates not just our veterans but our country in general – especially when there’s no [taxpayer] money involved?” Stump asks.



Source –

Memorial Legislation Moves to Floor of Congress

Our legislation,  National Desert Storm & Desert Shield War Memorial Act (H.R. 503), has been reported by the Committee on Natural Resources.  It has been endorsed by both the Department of Defense and the National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission. The Bill has been added to the Union Calendar.  The next step is to have it scheduled and then brought to a vote on the floor.  Now is not the time to rest our efforts, instead it is the time to keep calling our Representatives in Congress.  If they have not already signed up to be a co-sponsor as them to do so now.

Congressional Hearing – 2/26/2014

We have received notice that the House Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation will be holding a legislative hearing next Wednesday the 26th of February at 10:00am EST. On the agenda for this hearing is consideration of our bill, H.R. 503 “National Desert Storm and Desert Shield War Memorial Act.  This is an extremely important step in the process to move our legislation to the floor for a vote.  If you have not called your Congressional Representative and asked them to cosponsor this measure, do so now. The hearing will be carried on CSPAN,

We could not have asked for a more suitable date for Congress to finally consider the building of a National Desert Storm War Memorial.  On the 26th of February 1991 coalition forces were involved in some of the most intense combat of the war, including the infamous Battle of 73 Easting.  Also on this day, Saddam Hussein ordered Iraqi troops to withdraw from Kuwait.  The next day coalition forces would enter Kuwait City and would engage Republican Guard forces in several battles, including the Battle of Medina Ridge.

Capital Building